SpaceX shares

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A leader in the field of space technology

High risk


Revenue forecast:20% per annum

Min. amount5000€

Applications until:01.10.2020

Entrance fees:4,5%


About the company

SpaceX is the innovator in the space industry. The main directions are the development, manufacture and launch rockets and vehicles into space. The company was founded by American entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2002, it was the revolution in the field of space technologies due to successful implementation of reusable rockets. In addition, the company plans to become the leader and first operator of satellite Internet.

Prospects of investment in the company

In 2012, SpaceX launched 2 Falcon 9 rocket in 2018, was made 20 successful Falcon 9 launches and one launch of the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy. In the near future Elon Musk plans to launch up to 12,000 missiles, which will provide cheap Internet access to people around the world. Another anticipated project of the company SpaceX is a passenger spaceship Starship, the first commercial mission is scheduled for 2021.

Possible risks

SpaceX have a large number of competitors, one of which is Amazon, which plans to launch its satellite Internet. This may adversely affect the value of the shares of the company SpaceX.

Assessment of Finance

In June 2019, the company SpaceX has spent the last investment round, which showed the profitability to the amount of 35 billion USD. At the moment the company's shares are traded on the OTC market range from 245 to 260 USD per share, which is equivalent to the cost of equity capital in USD 40-42 billion. According to company analysts, the probable value of the company SpaceX in 2020 will be about 57 billion USD, and in 2025 - 160 billion USD. With this outcome, the potential profitability of shares of the company will amount to 100% in 2020.

The principle of operation of venture capital investments

Company search

Experts company weekly research the market and are in constant search for promising companies to invest, conducting analysis on financial statements description of the company's business, future plans and possible risks.

Acquisition of shares

Universal broker provides services for the purchase of shares on the OTC market, which includes shares of the funds holding shares of private companies. The purpose of the funds - investing in private companies in the early stages or acquisition of shares from company employees.

The start of trading

Before bidding, the investor is in the process of IPO, then the shares fall into the disposal the disposal UT. Further, they passed into the hands of the investor, however, you can sell them on the expiration of the stipulated Lock-up period of 6 months. At the first profitable offers of the shares will be sold.


At the end of Lock Up period investment will be closed automatically, then the investor will make profit less commissions, UT. If the amount of investment exceeds USD 150,000, company provides the opportunity to use services of an individual counterparty in the OTC market.

Permanent closure of investment

Traders of the company find ways of fixing of profit of investors with different trading instruments and all this despite the fact that sell shares during the Lock Up period is impossible.

This means that the investor can close out the investment at any time, provided, however, that part of the cost will be covered (about 15%). To do this, click the corresponding button in the Personal Cabinet, when she became active.

The investment process is fairly simple. The investor submits an application that is executed within 2 working days, after which the investment will be closed at the current price on the stock exchange. Company experts do not recommend to resort to long-term investment, as the indicators on the expiration of Lock Up periods are an order of magnitude more profitable.

The Commission


At the time of confirmation of the application for investment will be charged 4% of the total purchase shares.


At the time of the closing of the investment will be removed 1% of the sale of shares after the auction.


At the time of the closing of the investment, subject to a positive profit is charged 20% of the profits.

Long-term output

Calculated individually for each case, the Commission is about 20%, depending on the situation on the stock exchange.

The benefits of investing with universal broker


Throughout the transaction support to investors provide the risk managers of the company. To contact them you can call: +3765432109.

High yield

Despite the fact that venture capital investments are accompanied by high risk specialists company pick exactly those companies which show a significant growth of capitalization, strong financial performance and plan to go public in the near future. This approach can significantly reduce the risk and increase the profit.

Low entry threshold

To buy stocks on the OTC market, required significant amounts, which start from one million dollars. However, experts company assembled a pool of traders and investors, allowing those who wish to participate in such transactions with USD 15,000.

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