A share is a trading instrument that gives the right to a share in the property of a company.

The essence of trading contracts and shares on the difference


Contract For Difference (CFD) translates as "price difference contract" and is a unique financial tool. With CFDs, you can gain the assets of many of the world's corporations by selling commodities, indices and stocks.


When trading contracts for difference you don't need to buy the asset itself. During the sale of shares, the trader bets on the rise or fall of prices, from which the profit comes. Stock bonus is the expectation of a rise or fall in prices, without actual investment and sales.


CFD allows you to use the market tools, with minimal margin deposits. The best contract for price difference works with stocks.


Where to start trading stocks


Start selling from international markets. It could be Germany, Japan, the United States or France. If you keep a steady eye on the quotes of selected markets, betting on real-time indicators, you will be able to get the same dividends as real stocks. If you trade in shares, our company will provide you with a spread for a low price.


Distribute your profits and losses


Use the toolkit and set an automatic limit on trading. This will help you to record the rise and decline of the price, after automatically finishing the process when reaching the required price.


Open your account and get started


Just two minutes and you opened an account in our company. We care about the convenience of our customers, so there are two ways to top up your account balance: by bank transfer or credit card.

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