You will get round the clock access to relevant and sought-after commodities: oil, precious metals, raw materials etc.

Trade commodity CFDs


In our marketplace you will have access to relevant and useful products, we have oil, silver, gold and other varieties of goods. The company gives you the opportunity to sell the currency pair, not touching them physically.


Our advantage


Despite the fact that the market is changing rapidly, the company provides stability. We guarantee to capture the spread between the buying and selling. Enjoy the sales without interest!


Trade commodity CFDs with leverage


If you are interested in: oil, jewels, cacao, cotton, precious metals, coffee, flax, cotton, or something else - traffic! Commodity market provides such opportunities. With the investment of leverage you get the opportunity to increase the trading price of the units, due to the margin Deposit.


Define your pre-order item


Carefully follow the market, analyze them and determine the best position for sale or purchase commercial units. Depending on the reduction or increase of demand in the market you will start to make a profit.

Managing profit and loss


The company keeps up with modern technology! When used properly, the tools of the trade, you get to set the limits of profit and loss. When you reach the set limit, your position will be closed automatically.


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