The master account

Open your master account and start trading along with other investors


You need to open a master account and put a certain amount, followed by trade, along with other investors. The function of the Manager consists in adjustment of cooperation and interest from the profit. The price is given for the service of managing accounts.


The main functionality of the Manager is investing in the necessary master account and Analytics of the effectiveness of other control. The investor profits if the trade was successful, however, part of the amount put to the Manager for the quality of the work performed.

The scheme of the master account


30000 €

Funds Manager 60%


20000 €

The investor 40%

50000 €

The amount the master account prior to the beginning of the trading interval




150000 €

The amount the master account prior to the beginning of the trading interval


98000 €

Facilities Manager (90000 €) taking into account the compensation (8000 €)


800 €


52000 €

The investor's funds (60000 €)minus rewards (8000 €)

The percentage that the investor pays in the form of remuneration

The proportion of forgiveness from the investor is 20% of its profits, earning 40 000 EUR, in the form of reward you will give 8 000 EUR.

About the size of the income of the investor and Manager before disbursement of awards

The profit level when the indication of return of 200%:

  • Manager - earn 200% of their invested funds (60 000 EUR);
  • investor - earn 200% from Deposit of 20 000 EUR (40 000 EUR).

How is the distribution of profits and losses

Profits and losses are allocated in accordance with the investment:

  • Manager - investment is 60% (profit or loss equal EUR 30 000);
  • investor a - share investments is 40% (profit or loss equal EUR 20 000).

After payments to the accounts of the investor and Manager, the following occurs

At the end of the trading interval and calculation of remuneration, the following occurs:

  • the investor receives - 20 000 + 40 000 − 8000 = 52 000 EUR;
  • Manager receives - 30000 + 60000 + 8000 = 98000 EUR.

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