First deposit

The amount of your first Deposit Bonus level
250 - 499 30%
500 - 999 40%
1.000 - 1.999 50%
2.000 - 3.499 60%
3.500 - 4.999 60%
5.000 - 9.999 60%
10.000 Adapted


* For each Deposit account can only get one bonus


Under the bonus capital means the Deposit, which is calculated as a percentage of the amount on good deals. It can serve as guarantee in transactions.

Award of capital:

  • program bonus capital available for such accounts: Standart, Premium, Attractive, VIP and Shark;
  • the reward of capital occurs when the change of the trading account produced through the payment system in the Personal area;
  • the bonus is a week after the Deposit, the bonus is possible for those who really are on the account at the time of the application;
  • after investing on the client's trading account, the bonus all profit is distributed in accordance with the parties invested funds;
  • you can get the profit of the trades BUY and SELL in the volume that equals to the amount torgovanov lot. Bonus 1 Euro = 1.00 lot;
  • when you reach a point of current loss in excess of the actual client funds in the trading account, all funds from this point on will be calculated as bonus funds in full if no future deposits in the account. Accordingly, in the case of the Deposit of the funds in the account are calculated and distributed between bonus money and real money customer in proportion to the amount of Deposit and bonus funds znaczenia at the time of the Deposit;
  • if the company detects abuse of the bonus capital, it remains the right of return of the bonus money in full together with the profit the abuse;
  • in accordance with the rules of the user agreement accrued bonus is the property of the company, in connection with which the company is not responsible for the cancellation of the bonus money;
  • terms of the bonus program are subject to change without notice;
  • language of agreement is English, the differences between the English version and the translation, the correct English version is considered.

It is worth to note that according to the Directive of the European Directorate for the supervision of the securities market (ESMA), a licensed broker may not directly or indirectly encourage retail customers monetary or in any other way for marketing purposes. The Directive entered into force on 1 August 2018, in order to protect retail clients when dealing with CFD brokers.

Deposit insurance

One of the services of the company is Deposit insurance. When trading on the exchange, there is always the risk of losing your investment. The market is unstable, and sharp changes in prices in the opposite direction of the projections is not new. The ability to protect themselves is a significant advantage for active stock traders.


The cost of insurance is free, it varies in Commission relation to ongoing trading operations. To service insurance began to operate, the amount in the Personal account should be no less than 100 EUR.


To connect insurance services should contact the company through a Personal account. After, you get extra ways of doing the trading strategy without risks.


This service provides for the refund the first losing trade of the client. Indemnified as a percentage of incurred loss (Stop loss). Valid only for first transactions for all assets except cryptocurrency.

Vip club

In the VIP membership of the company are purposeful and successful traders who achieve their goals and multiply their capital with us. Vip-club involves a number of advantages for a trader:

  • advanced bonus system (up to 100% of the profits from Deposit amount);
  • the decrease in Commission rate;
  • personal investment portfolio, which prepared the best analysts of our company;
  • getting experience from the leading traders of the world;
  • insurance on the Deposit account;
  • priority during seasonal events.

Members of the Vip club find those opportunities that will further reveal the potential capital appreciation on the stock exchange.

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